Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ping is powerful (and other social media epiphanies)

I think I might be on the verge of losing myself on the internet - literally. I just spent a few minutes updating a couple of "feed"-type web services I signed up for: FriendFeed, and I kept seeing them on people's tweets and was curious. Well I didn't use them when I first signed up for them until I came across this magnificent little article written by my friend Yamile Yemoonyah called, "25 Facebook Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs". Let me tell you, she knows what she's talking about. I really didn't appreciate the power of interlinking all these social media tools until I saw it in action on her blog and her Facebook profile, and taking my hand and showing me the ropes was no big deal! Big shout-out to Yamile!

Soon my Facebook profile will be working hard for me too.

Now if I can get "my" new digital camera back, I just might have something cool as well as new to post. Seriously, the last time I had my picture taken that wasn't at work was nearly a year ago. I do intend to change that soon!

How much work have I gotten done on the script I'm writing: zero this week so far. That's okay, I'll get to it when the time is right. Clearly my inspiration is not the problem; the problem is finding a nice chunk o' time to let my inspiration have a good run - no interruptions. Whatsoever. Ah, that would be very nice ...

I really get the sense that once I get some real content to post about my movie - a video clip of one of the scenes, even if it is only a sketch; a movie poster; a trailer - I will definitely get broader exposure because I'm learning how to use the tools the right way. If I could drop everything and just devote all my time to writing it - like Wil Wheaton can do when he starts writing - I'd probably be in production right now.

Little do my co-workers know that I've been watching them and scoping out who I want working alongside me on my movie. So far I think I've got the sound person, continuity, and the editor picked out; I have some idea of who I'd like operating cameras, and who I want my right-hand to be ... but I'm really getting ahead of myself. I still have to finish writing the thing! I mean, if I could get like a good 2-3 quality hours, to myself to be left alone to write, or even a couple hours at the news station ... it will happen. I just have to keep pressing, and then it will happen.

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