Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to not give up hope

This was taken from my iGoogle widget, "Faithwriters Daily Devotional". I found this one to be particularly profound...

Our Daily Devotional:

Off To A Good Start?

Hebrews 10:36 NIV: You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

Resolve, endurance, fortitude, perseverance, determination, steadfastness, tenacity--all characteristic of someone who holds the course, fights the good fight, and finishes the race. Many there are who with great bursts of energy jet from the starting line once inspired to follow Christ more closely. Many there are who quickly lose steam and falter, fade in their own strength, and fall far short of the finish line. So many of us start out strong, only to give up when the Christian life becomes a struggle. We grow weary. We tire. Our inspiration turns to hopelessness. Our enthusiasm becomes exhausted. Why is it so many of us give up? Perhaps we have forgotten what we live for, would fight for, and were at one time ready to die for. Perhaps the obstacles have taken toll and left us without of anything left to give. We do have hope in Christ. He will help us get through. But we must not lose sight of our purpose, goal and our Lord. We must not give up. We must not quit. We must find through Jesus the determination to carry on.


written by Randy Chambers


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Childlike, a story of hope

This answers a question I've had for a long time, I'm ashamed to admit: what exactly is meant by the Bible verse listed below?


Our Daily Devotional:

Let Children Come

Mark 10:15 NIV: I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

What do you see in your childhood eyes? Looking back to days gone by, what do you recall the most? How did you view the world? How did you view yourself? How did you view God? In childhood years, everything is big and new. Pain is severe, and happiness is more wonderful than our strongest laughter can express. In childhood years, the world is so very big, and we are so very, very small, and God, God is the greatest question yet to be answered. Is it any wonder that the greatest Wonder can only truly be experienced with the wonder of childhood eyes? Christ, Wonder of wonders He is. He still holds great wonder for His children. To any who will embrace Him with the faith of a child, He offers the world, a world that is so very big, so very wonderful and new, and so very exciting. Such a world is ready for you to experience today if you will look on Christ through childlike faith. He still entreats, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."


written by Randy Chambers

I hold on to these words tightly, close to my heart. Life is so crazy and uncertain right now, and I feel like I've lost my innocence a hundred times over in my adult life. So I keep this verse in mind, so that I don't forget - I don't want to be the kind of adult who has forgotten what childhood is like!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


My attitude toward my career has truly sunk to a new low. I used to be passionate about it; now I direct all my energy toward being politically correct in the eyes of my superiors. I pretend to be interested. Deep down, I really couldn't care less, and the worst part is, nobody notices. Nobody notices because nobody knows how to spell correctly, nobody pays attention to detail. Oh but I see it - I see it and let it go anymore, hoping someone will notice. But nobody says anything. And the more nobody says anything the more it drives my apathy deeper and deeper.

I don't really feel angry anymore. That's part of the problem! I just simply do not care. I look at the clock, try to figure out how much more I have to put up with it (just 5 more hours, just one more half-hour show), and do my best to get by. I've learned how to make myself invisible around here, which ironically is exactly what the bosses/supervisers want. You will be invisible if you are: everywhere at once; putting out fires; or just generally picking up the slack that is constantly lying around here. I will do those things, but that is purely personnel management most of the time. It has nothing to do with journalism or accuracy and it sure as HELL has nothing to do with bettering our community.

No one cares.

We are all caught together in this curious quagmire of keeping visits to the boss's office down to a bare minimum. That's all this job means to anyone anymore. And it's not just here ... it's all across the country.

My wish, if I could have one: that I live long enough to see it turn around...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Not a hairdo

Seriously, this is a hair DON'T!

On a sidenote, the makeup's no bargain either. Only a VERY PRETTY GIRL could pull this off - and then only if this VERY PRETTY GIRL happens to be under the age of 25.

Please. This is a poor example of hair 'art'.

Bad hair day

The problem with hairstyle magazines - and now websites - is that some of the haircuts look so weird! Especially long hairstyles - take a look.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Too many projects, not enough day

So many things I'd like to do sitting in front of the computer. Lately this is my lamentation. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but somehow I feel if I write about it, get the words out in front of my eyeballs, then I'll be better able to see a solution to the problem.

Right now all my thoughts are churning around in my head I'm afraid my head will explode. What do I do? Where do I begin? On the one hand I need to transfer my documents over to the other computer, then Glenn's going to upgrade some hardware on the new tower, install some software, and then I'll have a CD burner, and I'll be able to plug in my headsets and microphone to the front of the tower rather than the back. Plus, it's just a better machine, I think it has a bunch more memory on it. It's got a better processor too, if I'm not mistaken; currently I'm running on a Celeron, which is better than nothing, but not a P4.

So I have to wait to install the software that lets me upload pictures from my phone. I must have over a hundred pictures that I need to upload before I can clear them off my phone. That's one thing that's holding me back: being able to post pictures to my blogs, any of my blogs. Right now in order to post a picture that I take on my phone - my primary source of picture-taking - I have to go through a long, clunky, inefficient process of starting a new message and adding a picture to it (can't send directly from the picture which, pardon my language, SUCKS!!) before I can send it. HOWEVER, doing it that way, in order to select the picture I want I have to scroll all the way through the entire database of pictures from the beginning - that's where the process becomes very slow and cumbersome. There are sooooooooo dang many pictures on the memory card that it takes a very, very, very long time. Long enough to make me not want to do it at all.

Trouble is, lately I've amassed a lot of pictures that I desperately want to publish. The other thing that would greatly enhance the process, this I just discovered today, is to set up an email account through my cell phone service. That would enable me to send the picture directly from the picture itself and bypass the process described above. I'm not sure I want to do that, simply because it's a shared plan. But man, that would be awfully, awfully convenient: instant publishing! I should look into it.

Okay, I'm done ranting. It's worked up my appetite so I'm going to find something to eat.