Monday, March 17, 2008

Please support Journey to Forever

Journey to Forever is a pioneering expedition by a small, mobile NGO (Non-Government Organization) involved in environment and rural development work, starting from Hong Kong and travelling 40,000 kilometres through 26 countries in Asia and Africa to Cape Town, South Africa.

Our route will take us away from the cities and populated districts to remote and inaccessible areas (usually also the least developed and poorest areas), where we'll be studying and reporting on environmental conditions and working for local NGOs on rural development projects in local communities.

The focus will be on trees, soil and water, sustainable farming, sustainable technology, and family nutrition.

The aim is to help people fight poverty and hunger, and to help sustain the environment we all must share.

--The foregoing was taken straight from the homepage of their website, Journey to Forever.

LiveJournal: Going the Way of the Dinosaur

Recently there has been a business decision - made by "management" aka SUP, the current owners of LiveJournal - to get rid of Basic (formerly "free") Accounts. Many have spoken out against this decision, including LiveJournal's advisory board, but management essentially turned a deaf ear on all of them and went ahead with the decision anyway. That was Wednesday, March 12.

Management then proceeded to put a spin on their decision, in the form of a comment left by the VP of Product Development for LiveJournal, Jason Shellen, on the original news post, as an "answer" (I use the term lightly, dear readers) to the outcry from those thousands of LiveJournal users (including members of the advisory board whose counsel went unheeded by management) who reacted to the news bit. Just read some of the comments there and you get the picture of what's going on very clearly. That was March 13.

Just one day after the original announcement, SUP issued another, formal news item solely as a response to all the negativity they encountered from the original post. Read it and the comments that follow, especially the first comment titled, "worst. idea. ever." which has links to the posts made by a couple of LJ's advisory board members, and you will see that LiveJournal is about to become the next victim in the long, long history of small businesses that get sold out to big companies that have nothing but dollar signs in their eyes.

Here's my editorial: The more I think about it, the more I want to blame Brad Fitzpatrick for selling the company in the first place. And yet I don't blame him, all at the same time. He's got bills to pay, dreams to pursue, and in all honesty he probably had the best interests of LJ users at the front of his own business decisions the whole time. How was he supposed to know he signed a deal with the devil? Many times in life we get swindled - we get taken for a ride. And I think that's what has happened to Brad Fitzpatrick. I don't know Mr. Fitzpatrick from Adam, but I'm not stupid, I see what's going on here. LiveJournal is in the middle of a political debacle right now, one that many don't see any hope that it will survive.

One thing I can say for sure: SUP are a bunch of snakes, slithering, hissing, corporate snakes. The very worst kind, the Enron kind.

Beware - and stay far, far away if you can!

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The perfect pile of poo

I just read, moments ago, a great article on composting: click here to go to the website.

See, I am trying to start a garden. Naturally, I want it to be the kind of garden that keeps giving back, however, since I have historically been a city girl all my life - and by "city girl" I mean that my day-to-day standard of living has always depended on commercial grocery markets - I don't know the first thing about gardening.

I also have big dreams for this garden of mine: I'm hoping to revolutionize the world with it. Of course, in order to be successful with it I am beginning to realize that I'm going to have to enlist the help of others, especially considering my lack of practical experience with gardening. Oh yes, I failed to mention that I'm trying to grow a vegetable garden. I have a book that has suggestions on how to grow a salad out of a container - I'm hoping that if I can do it myself and teach others how to do it, I can call my life a success! Or at least, this part of my life.

My motivation for starting this is twofold: the lack of quality at the supermarket, and the price of gas. I desire to have more control over the taste and nutritional value of my fruits and vegetables, which I can do if I grow my own. Furthermore, it will definitely be a heck of a lot cheaper to just walk out to the backyard and pluck fresh tomatoes off the vine than to get in the car - or walk to the bus stop - and travel to the grocery to get tomatoes.

But I have no idea what I'm getting into, and so far no supplies yet either. I only have deep hope and a vision, and the deeper hope that the greatest manifestation will be if I can teach others how to grow their own vegetable garden too!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Saturday back to work

So, I have decided to give some attention to this sadly neglected blog. I really like this blog service - I really do - but I bought a permanent account on LiveJournal, and well, I feel guilty if I don't post there.

But I really like this blog service. It's superior to LJ in many ways, much as I hate to admit it. Glenn was right; then again, I really didn't think he'd take me seriously last June when I told him I wanted a permanent account on LJ. *shakes head*

That's ok. LiveJournal is wicked cool. I'm not at all unhappy about being anchored there. SixApart is also wicked cool (I also have a blog with them on Vox). So many blogs, so little time ...

... I need to figure out a way to separate all these blogs I maintain. Yeah, that would make so much more sense! Or at the very least, publish links to all my other blogs on my LJ posts!