Sunday, March 22, 2009

And yet not a word comes out...

I finally have some time to write. My pre-show chores are done, the thirty-second weather hit is done, I tended to some personnel matters (although I still feel I could have done better), my show is even completely marked, except for the first block of the second half hour. Finally, I can sit here quietly with my thoughts and write ...

... so why does nothing come out? It's the same phenomenon that governs shopping: when you have money nothing appeals to you. You only see things you like when you can't afford to buy them. The perfect dress, the perfect pair of shoes, on sale usually, but still just out of reach. It sucks.

Oh, here's something to talk about: Glenn and I started watching the BBC version of Doctor Who. It is awesome, which was a pleasant surprise. It is also a vast improvement over Sliders which we've been watching through 3 seasons. But this Doctor Who series is really pretty great. Both of us can't wait til the next opportunity to watch the next episode! We watch it on the Xbox 360 via our Netflix subscription. A truly great pairing if ever there was one. It's particularly interesting for me to watch this series, as it is a BBC production; I haven't really sat down to watch any British television since I lived at home with my parents, so in a strange way this has proven to be a bit nostalgiac at times.

HA! I finally figured out Blogger's code for a horizontal line, which is different than LiveJournal's coding. Hooray, O Happy Day!

Anyway, so I've been talking a lot with some people at work (by no means everyone) about the state of things at work. In a word, it's horrible. Morale is about as low as it gets in a workplace; everybody is backstabbing everybody else, the bosses are always stressed out ... we are all extremely grateful to have our jobs, but yet I can't help wondering if I'd happier flipping burgers? The way people talk about each other when they're not in the room (and I myself am guilty of this) is downright insidious! It's just not enjoyable to come to work.

And the illness that's going around ... there's no sympathy for anyone, because we're so short-handed that if someone gets sick and calls out, SOMEbody is going to be resentful at being called in. Or, as in last night's case, somebody takes on more show responsibilities like with me punching/calling and doing chyron.

Did I mention there's no sympathy for anyone? I might get myself in trouble here, but I'm going to go ahead and say it: right now as I type there is a small group of 3 people who are pretty upset that one member of our crew is getting to go home after only doing 1 show, and what upsets them is that the person going home has a history of calling out (ALWAYS with a doctor note, without fail) and/or showing up late (usually calls). They are sitting there talking and talking and talking, and the only thing coming out of their mouths is how unfair it is that this other person - whom they don't think very much of - gets to go home early. They are judge and jury here, they are smug in their opinion, they even went so far as to throw it in my face that they want to talk my colleague about it - not me. That's probably because I'm friends with the person they are lambasting ...

... and oh by the way, I'd like to see the list of ALL the times they had to work BOTH shows, and line it up next to the person they've spent so much time about. Then I'd like to see how many crew positions they're trained to solo a show on.

More later, if I have time, because I have more to say, MUCH more.

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  1. ha drama in the work place. what do you expect from this booger eater of a town? Not that the people here are inherently bad, it is just that most of the people here foster, and encourage, a negative attitude towards almost everything. All you can do is rise above it and set an example.