Monday, May 25, 2009

The evolution of Susan Boyle

It's official: I'm a huge Susan Boyle fan. You go girl!

Yahoo! email retrospective

The evolution of one of the most recognized and longest-standing names in cyberspace: Yahoo! email...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Win a trip to BlizzCon '09!

Only 6 days left before Mountain Dew starts handing out the prizes in their World of Warcraft promotion where you can win a trip for two to BlizzCon '09! From logging in every day and spending less than 3 minutes on the promo website I have already earned 1,650 tokens - each token is an entry to win any of the prizes they're offering!

And when the drawings begin May 29 they draw a winner every 15 minutes!!!

So how do you sign up? Easy! Just click on the link below and start racking up your chances to WIN!!!

As if that weren't enough the good folks at Mountain Dew are catering to my novelty addiction: they are unleashing two new Mountain Dew flavors to celebrate the colorful and wonderful World of Warcraft! Horde Red is going to be a citrus cherry flavor, and Alliance Blue is going to be a wild fruit punch flavor - two tastes that sound tee-riffic! I can't wait to try them!

Look for the new flavors in stores June 15th, but your chances to WIN big prizes start a LOT sooner than that, so sign up now and start rackin' up the game tokens!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What should I make my blog about? (Feeling introspective)

I'm feeling like I should blog; the last two posts, besides being BLATANT advertisements - you're welcome Mountain Dew!!! - weren't exactly inspired. Not to mention the fact the month of May is almost another page in the history books and I have a whopping 2 entries to show for myself. And they're both uninspired advertisements!

I've been contemplating what it means to 'monetize' my blog ... I recently got the idea that I could make money off my blogging efforts. Like to the tune of $30k a year, which although I would not get rich off of that, it would be quite the supplemental income.

But how do I make my blog one that makes money? I've never really gained much of a following on any blog I've ever kept up for any length of time. The most following I've ever had is on Twitter, which is awesome, but it's not going to pay the bills.

One thing I learned about successful bloggers is to find a niche and cater to that niche crowd. Totally makes sense. Trouble is, EVERYTHING interests me - and the things that fire me up the most are the most controversial and will most likely get me fired from my current job! That would be bad.

I'll have to ruminate about this some more, do some soul-searching. I also know it's best to write what I know about ... hm, that gives me an idea ...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mountain Dew FTW

Finally! I found out when the flavors will be available in stores: June 15th. Ack! How am I gonna wait that long?

Well, I know one thing I can do while I'm waiting: play the Mountain Dew Game Fuel Game and hopefully WIN a trip to BlizzCon '09 this year!

You can enter to win too! Just click on the link below:


Mmmm, I can't wait for the new drinks, they sound sooooo yummy! The Horde Red is Mountain Dew spiked with a cherry citrus flavor and the Alliance Blue has a wild fruit punch flavor.

I shall display a countdown on my MySpace and Facebook profiles so everyone can know when the new flavors come out!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Choose your side - Alliance or Horde?

Win a trip to BlizzCon '09, or an Alienware Notebook, or how about a Razer Lycosa™ Gaming Keyboard?? And those are just the beginning! Starting May 29th Mountain Dew is going to start drawing names to win these prizes and YOU could be one of them!

So how do you sign up? Click here:


As if that weren't enough, Mountain Dew has unleashed two (2) new flavors to go along with the promotion: Horde Red, a citrus cherry flavor, and Alliance Blue, a wild fruit flavor.

So have fun playing Mountain Dew's new promotion and look cool doing it slammin' one of the new drinks!