Friday, June 21, 2013

The Life of a Mosquito

It was a suicide run, I knew that. But still, my thirst would only be quenched my sinking my stinger into that human flesh hovering oh, so near to me! I needed blood; ironic, isn't it? That my quest for life would only result in my death.

She was an aggressive one. There would be no 'sip-and-run' this time. I'd only managed to narrowly escape the clap of her hands as she tried to thwart my attempts at getting close to her. One time the burst of air from one such hand clap grazed my wings, sending me spinning as I drunkenly dodged her next two assaults. She almost got me! But she failed - that time. I had to dive for cover before trying again. She was onto me like a pun intended.

I circled around in the shadows while the human moved about the room, preparing something hot to drink herself. I waited for my next opportunity, but I was running on fumes, and desperate to taste blood.

Finally, it happened: she was busy doing whatever and she moved close to me which I was waiting for. There it was - a flash of bare skin, illuminated by light from the window.

She stood still, I made my move.

Landed stick it in drink; ahh ...

... The end.