Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th - a Day in the Life

This post is mostly to keep my promise to myself to post SOMEthing every single day to my blog. So I'm just going to go stream of consciousness for the moment. There was something I wanted to write earlier, but it escapes me now. So this is going to become an extended Twitter, if you will.

It's 5:52pm and I'm getting ready to head to bed. I'm sitting here figuring that if I want to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep and still have time to eat and shower before work in the morning, I will need to get to sleep NO LATER than 7 pm. Which is cool; but I prefer to go to bed earlier so that if I NEED more sleep, I have that 'cushion', or sometimes I just need the extra time to wake up. It takes me a long time to wake up. I also have no problem falling asleep. I love to sleep, let me tell ya.

I also just enjoy having that free time, or the semblance of "free time", before I have to buckle down at work, shut out distractions, and have to focus on the tasks in front of me.

However, since my body would rather be horizontal and asleep, inspiration is not coming to me at all right now. It's amazing how the human body reacts in different situations.

I do wish I could remember what the heck I wanted to write earlier. I need to always wear clothes with pockets so I can always have a pen and a piece of paper on me, since we can't always be on the computer at work. Wow - lots of writing blockage right now. Oh well, I got my blog post in today, even if it isn't the most inspiring.

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