Thursday, March 22, 2012, and Feeding Your Pets Homemade Food

Author's note: I must make the assertion here that at the time I wrote this I was very passionate about the subject of feeding raw food to our pets. I'd stumbled across two websites which provided lots of information making an argument FOR the diet ... and I got swept away with it. I confess I didn't do a lot of research into the arguments AGAINST the diet, and so this entry comes off sounding rather one-sided. That's because it is. Read with caution and do your research. 

For the record, I still believe feeding cooked meat is bad, but I give my "little man" carrots and apples as treats, also peanut butter -- the organic kind with no sugar added, just mashed-up peanuts -- and occasionally I'll tear off a corner of a pound of ground beef and give it to him raw. I've never seen him suffer any ill effects from this. At the same time I'm not willing to gamble. 

I'm keeping this post here because I believe it's important to keep the discussion going about what we feed our beloved family members -- both the four-legged and the two-legged kinds -- and to constantly demand nothing but the highest standards of quality from the pet food companies we patronize at our local pet stores. I am fundamentally against abuse of ALL kinds, but to me abuse of non-human animals (and children) is worse because they can't speak for themselves. 

~ Sarah Barres, May 12, 2015

Conducting a search of "are apples good for dogs" I stumbled across this website: No Cans - Make Your Own Pet Food. I poked around the website reading everything the person posted on dogs with interest. Like the author of I too became extremely worried and paranoid about what we were feeding our dogs after the Big Giant Pet Food Recall of '07. I totally sympathize with the author of that website because all the bad things happening to our beloved pets just broke my heart, and I wanted answers. Mostly, I wanted to stop feeding my pets poison, since that's about what it amounted to. Unfortunately it takes a big devastating event like that to bring to light the harm other people will do to each other and pretty much any living creature.

However, I was disappointed to see all the cooked meat in the dog recipes. I looked and looked for a way to contact the website administrator but I found nothing obvious. Many people close to me know that I feed my dogs raw meat and raw organ meat from time to time, and I wanted to direct the author to some of the stuff I found. She/he certainly did her homework and research and I totally relate to what that means, and the desire to share what one has found. Neither one of us wishes to make a profit off our findings; we simply wish to share what we found in the hope that other people can benefit from our hard work and enjoy healthy pets like we are. 

Well, here's what I found, I hope you enjoy it!, a website and administrator that is full of so much compassion it pours off your computer monitor and overflows into your life., the reason your cats don't like the people food you're giving them is because you're cooking it. Your cats want a whole, entire, raw fish, head, eyes, tail and all. Give them that and see how they respond! They will love it, and you can feel satisfied knowing you're giving them exactly what they need and love. 

If anyone reading this can forward this information to the site administrator of, please do!

Anyone else reading this, I sincerely hope you also benefit from this information. Most people probably can't afford to completely switch their dogs/cats over to a raw meat diet as it is quite expensive nowadays, but giving your pets some raw meat and raw organ meat once in a while is not only safe, it is recommended. 

I am not a veterinarian. But I know several veterinarians who would endorse what I'm saying here. Check with yours first, always, especially when it concerns your beloved pet. 


Here's another fantastic resource, although I should say as a disclaimer that I haven't actually read the book yet, but it gets raves from other raw meat diet proponents: ladies and gentlemen, I give you the BARF diet.  (Bones and Raw Food diet ... get it?)

Here's to good health ... all around! :-)