Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 - October 15

Since 2007 Blog Action Day has been raising global awareness about issues that affect each and every one of us: the environment and poverty were topics in previous years.

This year Blog Action Day is calling on us bloggers to focus on water. Click here for a list of great ideas on what to post about water.

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The best part about this particular call to action is that it falls on my birthday, so that makes it very personal to me. It is no surprise that water grabbed the most votes for this year's topic; the BP oil spill scared a LOT more people than just those immediately affected by it. Many scientists, university professors, and other experts weighed in on just how far-ranging the effects would be, and the unanimous conclusion, at least in terms of physical and economical damage, was all bad.

Bloggers however, are going to take that catastrophe and turn it into a tool to teach and inform and educate the globe, not just about how to help the Gulf coast heal, but how water issues all over the world need our attention, badly.

Please join us! Please help. Because every single human being on this earth deserves a nice cool drink of clean water always!

Even if you don't blog, you can still make your voice heard. Click here to sign the petition and to just learn more about why water is such an important issue all over the planet.