Thursday, July 23, 2009

National Hot Dog Day takes new meaning

Silly me - and I thought I wasn't going to have much to write about this topic! Turns out there is actual, honest-to-goodness, developing news on this today.

Hot dogs ... who doesn't love hot dogs? It conjures up lazy July afternoons with a grill sizzling nearby, tall, cold glasses of iced tea sporting a lemon wedge, 4th of July celebrations ... mmm, hot dogs. Me personally, I've always loved them. I love them with mustard and onions, but "frankly" (heh) I've been known to eat them with any number of the typical toppings found on a hot dog.
However, vegans are using today to call attention to global warming, among other things. What the heck do hot dogs have to do with global warming? you ask. Good question: turns out the pollution from meat farms is actually worse for our ozone layer than all the cars and trucks on the road, globally, right now. Then what about what's in those dogs: does anybody (other than hot dog manufacturers, and even they probably don't know the full extent of their product's ingredients) really know what's in them? I prefer not to think about it. In fact, most people who eat hot dogs prefer not to think about it. But if the vegan and animal-lover communities have anything to say about it, they most definitely want you to think about it: among other things hot dogs promote cancer, and are a product of animal cruelty (as most meat products in the USA are).

But fear not, hot dog lovers - there is actually a tasty substitute!

I applaud the vegan community for doing this. Tofu dogs are actually pretty good (however it's still a processed food, so not something you want to eat 3-times a day every day). Or there's that whole fresh vegetables thing ...

Oh, one other thing as a sidenote: the Organic Consumers Association wants people to avoid purchasing any Morningstar Farms products as they contain genetically-engineered soy. Morningstar Farms also uses products made by Monsanto and for more on that watch this video:

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