Friday, July 17, 2009


I am becoming a huge fan of Joanna Newsom.

I was listening to an interview with her, listening to what she had to say about articulating her feelings, when it occurred to me that while God may have gifted everyone with the ability to speak, not everyone is an artist. I should say here that I hold her in the highest regard as an artist; I think she is incredibly talented. Everyone may have their own individual talent, or gift, but everyone also has their own individual way of communicating. Some people communicate by simply opening their mouths and talking to another person ... but there are others who can only communicate by writing a song or singing, or some other type of self-expression. And you can't force it; you can't expect a person to reveal their feelings on demand like so much pay-per-view television. And it's okay ... it's okay to only be able to express one's feelings in a big way, or a small way, or somewhere in-between.

Me personally, I can totally relate to Ms. Newsom's sentiments. I often find I have trouble communicating my feelings verbally; but if I can write it down and tell a story, my story, then it comes out better. Sometimes music is my expression, and setting my feelings to music, to perform on a stage under bright lights with an audience just makes it all the better. It has been many years since I've done that, but I'm confident that with a little practice I'd be right back at it.

But now is not the time for that. In the meantime, I have this blog, and that's good enough for me right now.

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