Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Making things and stuff

There's crocheting and then there's making stuff - like, finished projects-type stuff. So far the only thing I'm doing is crocheting, like practicing stitches using a crochet needle and a ball of yarn. Yay, good for me, but still not quite doing what I WANT.

I want to make the Fuzzy Alien! (see post below) That is my first step. However, I'm missing a few items in order to craft it: I need Lion Brand Cotton-Ease Yarn in: Terracotta, Snow, and I need Bernat Bling-Bling in Moulin Rouge. I will also need the clay to make the eyes, the polyfill to stuff it with, and the right crochet hook, which I believe I may already have: it's a US size 1.

Hmmm ... well, well, well, it's probably a good thing I snatched up a roll of Bernat's Bling-Bling while I had the chance - seems it's discontinued now! *cries* ... but I'm not crying too long, mainly for the peeps who didn't get some while it was still being made. I, however, have some, enough to craft as many Fuzzy Aliens as I want!

Well, I hope I'm able to at least get the other yarn I need in order to start this thing. I also hope to make some of the projects on Howie Woo's blog, they are so dang CUTE!!!!


Dear Bernat,

Why, why, why would you discontinue your coolest yarns ever???

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