Wednesday, August 05, 2009

National Underwear Day and a Full Moon ... erm ...

Okay, I'm not completely stupid - men are going to see "underwear" and probably think of ladies' lingerie, because that's a pleasant thing to think of no matter what gender you are. So ... it is with little hesitation that I shamelessly post lots of scantily-clad women and men, to honor National Underwear Day. I also want to see how much trouble this will get me into, mm-hm.

I think these two girls got it right: they decided to put ALL of their underwear on. All at once.

But underwear hasn't always been so sexy and interesting. Take for example our friend Charles V sporting a codpiece that makes you go, "Holy Roman Empire Batman!"

Further down the timeline we discover the joys of corsets ...

Wikipedia has more on this fascinating evolution of unspeakables - with a lot better pictures, I guarantee you. Just click on the screenshot below to be taken to it.

What's not to love about long johns? I feel more comfortable just looking at this picture.For those of you who enjoy a more clinical, educational approach to underwear, observe the following examples:

We cannot overstate the importance of laundering your underwear. Here are some instructions in case you don't know how. "Squeeze water from garment by wringer only not by hand!" God forbid you should get poo-water on your digits. Bless those Brits.

In other news today, and probably not too coincidentally, there is a Full Moon. It is quite beautiful, quite a sight to see. Not quite like the picture above which I ganked off a Google image search of "full moon", but still beautiful! Hopefully the orb hanging in the sky is the only kind of moon we'll see today. Chances are good it will be, since the whole point of today's Wacky Holiday is to celebrate underwear, and not what's under the underwear.


  1. It has been a while since I wore long johns. The last time I wore any were some polypropolene ones on some of the cold nights in December in Iraq. As a child, I have some great memories of wearing long johns under my clothes, which were under a snowsuit for sled riding in Ohio in the winters!

  2. Ah yes, long johns and sled riding in Ohio winters! I have many similar memories ... *sigh* Believe it or not I have been known to wear long johns down here in Florida in January, but then you know how I complain of being cold. I'd probably complain of being cold if I lived on the equator, lol.