Monday, August 10, 2009

National Duran Duran Appreciation Day - 2009

An hour of research later and I totally understand now why this day exists.

I've been sitting here blipping Duran Duran songs like crazy on my station (where I am the much sexier DJ SolarSoda), and looking up lyrics as I go along, and just generally getting a crash education on their history to prepare for today's post. All I really knew about Duran Duran involved their early big hits like Hungry Like the Wolf, and their unique sound has a way of catapulting me back to 7th-grade like few others. I am positively thunderstruck as I listen to their music now ... this is great stuff! Their music is more sophisticated than I remember, although I'm here to tell you The Reflex -
the video as much as the song - really captured my 12-year-old imagination in a way I never forgot over the years. The lyrics are deep, deeper than I was expecting, and eclectic. I'm having a blast picking songs I'm pretty sure I never heard before in addition to the ones I grew up listening to in the 80s. So far I have not been disappointed.

So yes I understand now why there is a National Duran Duran Appreciation Day. Here is a band that deserves it's fame in my book.

Besides Simon Le Bon is still pretty friggin HAWT!... actually, they're all pretty damn hot. Musical talent + pretty boy looks = WIN!

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