Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Day 11

I totally dropped the ball on today's Wacky Holidays - National Chocolate Chip Day and National Night Out!

First of all, you must know there was a very good reason if I missed any sort of holiday celebrating chocolate of any kind. Secondly, now that I'm on the computer researching this holiday it appears there is some discrepancy as to exactly what day National Chocolate Chip Day actually falls on. I see lots of entries for May 15, for example. (If you click on the picture below it will take you to a website where you can order up some of these delicious looking tasties! It is also the website where I got the picture from.)One article (which I'm not linking to because it has a really gross picture of a dead pig on the page and they're calling it "cuisine") very cleverly pointed out, why not celebrate chocolate chips twice a year? To which I say, hell yeah!

The other item to pay attention to today - or tonight, rather - is National Night Out, a very worthy cause if ever there was one. Whenever local law enforcement teams up with the community to take a proactive stand against crime, good things happen. I've seen the encouragement on people's faces at events like this (because of my job), so that makes me very hopeful. Most importantly it reinforces hope for children of all ages, because it means their environment could maybe be a little safer. I know what I speak of - I often think back fondly on my childhood and how free me and my friends were as kids and I think, what a blessing that was. Every child should experience the kind of freedom I enjoyed in my neighborhood growing up. One should be able to let their kids out on their bikes without fear of something unspeakable happening to them. So if this partnership makes the night a little safer for the kids, more power to them!

Well, at 11:25pm I guess I better publish this thing if I'm going to get a post in today!

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