Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please pass the popcorn

Watched 2 movies today: Back to the Future III, and Pi. XBox was down for maintenance today, so we were getting caught up on movies we had yet to see. I think I saw BTTF3 back when during it's original run, and then I would have seen it in the theatre. But I honestly don't remember. The ending was truly one of THE most suspenseful endings I've ever seen in a movie - fantastic!

Pi, on the other hand, got it's first viewing for both Glenn and I today. It was rather long, and I like that it's done on black-and-white film. It truly lived up to the hype, too, which makes me glad. It's remarkable that anyone could love math that much; as much as the main character, Maxwell Cohen did, and as much as Darren Aronofsky did to make a movie about how it causes one man's descent into insanity.

I'm not even sure I understand what happened at the end of the movie, but it was intense throughout. Another mind-fuck-type movie - 2 in 2 days' time. Whew. That's okay, they were both excellent movies in their own right, two totally different concepts, both of them brilliant. One movie full of big Hollywood names, the other one full of mostly unknowns. One done with many of the most wonderful digital effects available in 2006, the other shot on black-and-white film in 1998.

This has been a great week for films so far!

Now - I'm off to kick some Horde ass on World of Warcraft! I really need to hit level 70; that would make me happy. We finally got the new Mountain Dew "Game Fuel" flavors, red for Horde and blue for Alliance. They are yummy! Unfortunately the HFCS and caffeine (among other things) had a bad effect on Glenn's stomach, so ... I get to finish his drink! Yay!


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