Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dangerous territory

I am bored. Horrifically bored. Bored with Blip.fm, bored with Twitter, bored with just about anything I might do today. My life is at a crossroads and I am bored!

I used to pride myself on never being bored. That is not the case anymore, but then I used to have more control over my life once upon a time.

I know I've got things to do - I'm done with laundry, trying to figure out the dishes situation being under a boil water notice. (Damn the boil water notice!)

"What have you dreamed of doing that you held back from doing because you were scared?"

Answer: Nothing. I already did what I dreamed of doing, so then I figured I should help other people realize their dreams. Problem is ... there is nothing I can do to help people achieve their dreams! It's all up to them!!! I can help if they ask, but ... that is a complicated topic too. (My dream at one time was to play drums in a rock band. Been there, done that, did it in front of a paying audience, too, on a stage with a microphone in front of my mouth and bright, flashing lights. Yes, I dreamed of being a rock star, of gaining the approval of the audience - it was great! I was a success at that, but I had a falling-out with my bandmates and it was short-lived. Part of me wishes I could get back to it, but ... that was almost 10 years ago ... )

I walk outside and see the trees, the clouds in the blue sky, feel the rain on my skin sometimes, breathe the fragrant air ... and I see my freedom.

The End.

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