Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crocheting, and Amigurumi

I'm on a mission. I've decided I'm going to make the Fuzzy Alien pictured below if it's the last thing I do!

I sat down the other night with my crochet hook and a ball of yarn, just to practice reading the directions. Well after I discovered I was unable to execute Row 2, because I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I got on the internet and found a treasure trove of information out there, check these out:

Top mention here: Let's just say, this ain't your grandma's crafting website.

Next: Obviously this website focuses on just crocheting, but it is an active site with what appears to be a very knowledgeable base of members.

Ravelry is another absolutely fantastic knitting/crocheting community. I was just reading their latest blog post about an art workshop that takes place in New Hampshire twice a year that sounds absolutely divine, and I'm going to try and make it to the next spring one, but oh, it's going to take a plan and some good old-fashioned dedication! - this is a wonderful blog with AWESOME pictures of the amigurumi created by Howie Woo. A guy who crochets, and crochets amigurumi is WICKED COOL in my book!!! Plus, he sports an orange mohawk - what's not to love!!! found me on Twitter, and although I haven't exhaustively perused their website, just skimming the surface proves this is one to adore.

And of course there are my two favorite yarn-maker brands: Lion Brand Yarn which I discovered first through Christen Haden's book Creepy Cute Crochet, and Lily's Sugar n' Cream. I'm registered on both websites and receive their newsletters.

This is the book that got all this started for me:

I'm not even particularly big on horror movies, which is primarily what the book is based on.

I just want to learn how to make these adorable dolls. In fact, through all this research I've done I've developed quite an appreciation for the craft and the amigurumi genre.


  1. After publishing this post I went and did some more research, and I found this WONDERFUL website with possibly just what I was looking for: tutorials on specifically amigurumi-crafting basics!

    Hook & Needles Amigurumi Tutorials

    It's still not quite the same as getting help from a real live person, but for me that may take some time. In any event, this wondeful lady debunked the mystery of making the spiral for me! I sat here and crafted my own little spiral and if I had a camera I'd take a picture, but my hubby's got it at the moment.

    That's another thing I can't wait to do: take pictures of my projects to post here on my blog. That will be my measure of success - if I am able to post photos of finished amigurumi projects on my blog, then I will have succeeded.

  2. It's such a sweet surprise to be featured on your amigurumi list! Thank you for the encouraging words :D

    I picked up crochet a year ago, and I'm sure you'll be an amigurumi expert well before then. Your enthusiasm & determination are inspiring! I'm grateful for your list of helpful resources too.

    Thanks again! I'll be eagerly following your sunny carbonated blog :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm *honored* you left a comment on my blog, Howie! I am totally in love with your amigurumi! I also dig the mohawk - I used to sport one myself about *ahem* 20 years ago when I was in high school, lol.

    So you've only been doing it a year, huh? Then there's hope for me yet! I'm still practicing but the community of amigurumi crafters such as yourself is so encouraging and inspiring.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts, I look forward to more of your installments as well! :-)