Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well I just received a bit of a shock.

I was browsing IMDB's website, namely the homepage, I scroll down and there's a quote. I love quotes. Here's what I read:

"Day by day I struggle to maintain not only my strength but also my sanity. It's all a blur. I have no energy to write. I don't know what's right or wrong anymore. " - Chris Taylor

Underneath that quote is a link that says, "From which TV show/movie?" I am intrigued because that quote pretty much sums up my life these days! Although most notably my life working here at the news station.

I was floored when I clicked on the link and saw that quote is from Oliver Stone's movie, Platoon. Of course. A war movie. I've often compared life working in this news industry to PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome), a disorder often found in soldiers of war. And that confirmed it. Hm.

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