Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Beginnings

Welcome to my brand-new blog. My husband said I should check out this Blogger business, he says it's better than Live Journal which I have over 4 years invested in. I said I'd check it out and then I'll see.

I'm not sure I like the current title of my blog, which is "Internecine Paradise", which means a paradise that is in great turmoil like Florida for example. Florida is where I live, specifically Cape Coral. I work in the news business, and between my working life and the rest of it I see far more injustice than I care to admit to seeing. Anyway, maybe I'll change the title down the road. If I stick with this blog, that is.

I have no particular goal for this blog at this point. Although I will say I'm getting the very distinct feeling that I might be back here, more than once...

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