Monday, May 21, 2007

The Fountain

I have never in all my life been so swept away by a film as I am right now by the remarkable Aronofsky project, The Fountain. Starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz ... I'm not even going to attempt to describe it. In fact, I must urge you, dear reader, to not read any reviews (if this is your first time hearing about it), definitely DON'T watch the movie trailer ... just rent the movie and watch it.

I just finished reading an article about the film and now I'm even more mystified and allured by it. I want to post the link to the article here, but I'm afraid anyone reading this post will click on the link, because it's easy, and read the article and boom, the movie will be ruined. I think it's very important to watch the movie without any preconceived notion about it. That's how I watched it and I was absolutely blown away.

In fact, just reading this little post here is potentially detrimental to watching that movie for the first time, if that's you.

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