Sunday, April 13, 2008


My attitude toward my career has truly sunk to a new low. I used to be passionate about it; now I direct all my energy toward being politically correct in the eyes of my superiors. I pretend to be interested. Deep down, I really couldn't care less, and the worst part is, nobody notices. Nobody notices because nobody knows how to spell correctly, nobody pays attention to detail. Oh but I see it - I see it and let it go anymore, hoping someone will notice. But nobody says anything. And the more nobody says anything the more it drives my apathy deeper and deeper.

I don't really feel angry anymore. That's part of the problem! I just simply do not care. I look at the clock, try to figure out how much more I have to put up with it (just 5 more hours, just one more half-hour show), and do my best to get by. I've learned how to make myself invisible around here, which ironically is exactly what the bosses/supervisers want. You will be invisible if you are: everywhere at once; putting out fires; or just generally picking up the slack that is constantly lying around here. I will do those things, but that is purely personnel management most of the time. It has nothing to do with journalism or accuracy and it sure as HELL has nothing to do with bettering our community.

No one cares.

We are all caught together in this curious quagmire of keeping visits to the boss's office down to a bare minimum. That's all this job means to anyone anymore. And it's not just here ... it's all across the country.

My wish, if I could have one: that I live long enough to see it turn around...

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