Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LeWar Rages On

In case you're out of the Twitterverse loop, there is a rather large phenomenon taking place in the wonderful world of Twitterdom that is affectionately known as LeWar.

The comedian Michael Ian Black has the distinct honor of being the one to issue the "clarion call", as he calls it. Click here to learn about the origins of this "war", and/or to get caught up on all things Michael Ian Black.

This probably wouldn't have had any steam at all, except LeVar Burton made the mistake (?) of responding, which only fanned Michael Ian Black's flames, and next thing any of us in Twitterverse knew, #LeWar is ranked higher in popularity than Shaquille O'Neal (who, by the way, has been cordially invited by Mr. Burton himself to join LeVar Burton's massively growing army).

So what is this "war", in a nutshell? To see who can get the most followers on Twitter, which apparently is a point of contention for Mr. Black. There is a rumor that the comedian Rainn Wilson of The Office fame might be recruited to Mr. Black's side as a way of properly contending with @THE_REAL_SHAQ.

Stay tuned for more updates, or better still ... just join Twitter, add @michaelianblack, @levarburton, and let the games begin!

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