Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Saturday back to work

So, I have decided to give some attention to this sadly neglected blog. I really like this blog service - I really do - but I bought a permanent account on LiveJournal, and well, I feel guilty if I don't post there.

But I really like this blog service. It's superior to LJ in many ways, much as I hate to admit it. Glenn was right; then again, I really didn't think he'd take me seriously last June when I told him I wanted a permanent account on LJ. *shakes head*

That's ok. LiveJournal is wicked cool. I'm not at all unhappy about being anchored there. SixApart is also wicked cool (I also have a blog with them on Vox). So many blogs, so little time ...

... I need to figure out a way to separate all these blogs I maintain. Yeah, that would make so much more sense! Or at the very least, publish links to all my other blogs on my LJ posts!

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